Nicole heales financial

The power of niche marketing.

In 2015 Nicole Heales came to us ready to make a change to her existing business model, and she was looking for clarity on the right path to take.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

We actually met Nicole six years prior when she first engaged us to develop her identity as a financial advisor. We worked on a plan to position Nicole as a credible consultant within a male dominated industry.

In our initial meeting we guided her through a workshop to brainstorm an effective business name. We suggested she use her own name for the business, as she was the brand. The logo was created around the idea of a money tree and the one-word concept, prosperity.

When Nicole returned to us years later she was ready for a shake-up. Through work shops and coaching, we realised Nicole’s desire to target professional women aged between 35-55.

We then went about rebranding her collateral to appeal to this new niche.

Niche marketing allows you to talk directly to your demographic, pinpointing their challenges and providing solutions. Customers respond well when they see themselves reflected in your brand and we used this strategy for Nicole.

Now she’s attracting the right people to her business.

A few words…

Nicole Heales, Principal, Nicole Heales Financial

Graeme has a sixth sense and strong intuition, he knows people and he knows what works and what doesn’t. He knows how to energise and create a unique personality for your business. All his designs have been totally congruent to what I believe in and what my clients need. His gorgeous artistic flare obviously runs naturally and very deep. Graeme takes his work seriously and gives all to every client. Everyone I’ve referred to Graeme has raved about his work. If you want a personal, professional and stand out brand, then Graeme Webb is your man. I can’t recommend Graeme enough.


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