Manik Meah

Positivity in a corporate world.

When leading corporate lawyer Manik Meah isn’t helping to seal multi-billion dollar deals, he’s supporting arts and community outreach projects – conveying his diverse personality into one brand was a great challenge.

Manik came to us on recommendation from Nicole Heales, another established professional whose brand we developed. Manik calls himself ‘a change maker’ and works within the construction and development industry. Upon our first meeting, his exceptional energy, positivity and ethical sensibilities were clear.

Like many clients before, we could see what Manik wanted to achieve. The challenge, and our mission, was to satisfy his wants, but also to deliver what he needed. This included a brand that would satisfy Manik’s vision, without alienating the large, corporate businesses critical to Manik’s success.

We coached Manik through a comprehensive brand workshop to define his company name, positioning and core values.

Using the results of the workshop we created the tagline: Achieving Better Outcomes. This was a great amalgamation of Manik’s optimistic attitude, whilst acknowledging a key industry objective.

Following the tagline, a stunning logo and website were formed. Both encompass the professional edge that high-level stakeholders expect, and of course exude the strong sense of positivity that makes Manik unique.

Visit the website we created.

A few words…

Manik Meah, award winning Lawyer and infrastructure advisor.

[GWD] is a clear thinker. He listened carefully, asked searching questions before we settled on the brief. It was spot on. This investigative approach ensured we hit all the right notes on what I wanted my business to achieve and the audience I wanted to reach. I was amazed and totally inspired by the quality of the brand and collateral he created – a true professional designer and stand out in his industry. Not only is he easy to work with, he always returned my calls, attended meetings promptly and gave me clear, expert advice through the whole process to keep me focused and on track!


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